SWWP / Whisper question [RE-wrenches]

Jeff Clearwater clrwater at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 28 13:04:24 PDT 2004


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Hey Bob-O,

Yes exactly, but that can't be too hard to spec.  SWWP wants  $ 1154 
for the EZwire cetner and  $1462.00 for the step-down transformer. 
That seems so outrageous for what the EZwire center is (n't) and a 
transformer!  So I'm really game for seeing if I can come up with 
alternatives. Anyone know how to size that BR ?


Jeff C.

>We'll still have to deal with the bridge rectifiers or similar.
>>  Hi Darryl,
>>   I can confirm this, but yes; they are having to develop the wind version
>>as a non-critical project. We are also making lots of hints that our
>>turbines would be happy critters with the MX 60-70-breezy-macho controller.
>>   Matt T  HI all
>>   I was told by a Bergey person that Outback is testing
>>   a wind MX60 perhaps a WMX60?  So perhaps these small
>>   wind companies will have a choice besides developing
>>   there own controller.  The WMX will take one voltage
>>   machine and MPPT it to 24, 36,48, or even 60 volts.
>>   Sounds exciting, but anything might take a long time
>>   when it is worked along with other work.
>>   Daryl
>>   --- Kirk Herander <kirk at vtsolar.com> wrote:
>>   > Of course, those old ones are total cheese. I can't
>>   > comment on the new
>>   > ones. We used to call them "EZfire" in our parts.
>>   > 'SNIP'
>>   > Kirk Herander
>>   >  Was hoping SWW wind would
>>   > upgrade someday.  Anybody listening at SWW?
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Your free subscription is supported by today's sponsor:
Save up to 67% on Omaha Steaks + Get 6 FREE Burgers and a 
FREE Cutlery Set + Cutting Board!

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