PV Powered Inverter Efficiency [RE-wrenches]

Bob-O Schultze, Electron Connection econnect at snowcrest.net
Mon Dec 27 13:30:06 PST 2004


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I just read it. The usual legalese and BS that you'd find in anyone's 
warranty, but no, it's good for 10 years without any pro-rating. It 
is limited to the original user however,  which I find less than 
desirable. It should really be limited to the original user and/or 
the original installation. I mean, so what if someone sells the house 
and moves after five years. The new owner should still get the rest 
of the warranty, IMO.
As to the seven-year itch, well... that's anyone's guess. Care to lay 
a wager that Brand X (just as an example-not picking on them) will 
still be servicing the GT 3.0 (made 100% in China) in ten years? The 
good old U series is already an orphan and the ST, STXR, 
whatever.....well, best not to talk about that! Gee, maybe I am 
picking on them after all. Sorry... but you get the point.
As to PVPowered, I'm using them as my main squeeze. The warranty, the 
efficiency, and made in the USA. I'm no flag waver, but it's way past 
time that we need to be keeping the jobs and money here if at all 
possible. Ya know? Since PVPowered is located in Oregon and my 
on-grid work is mainly in Oregon, it's a double no-brainer for me.
Happy Holidays. Bob-O

>So Bob tell us in a few words, does PVPowered have the economic depth or
>backing if a chunk of their installed inverters catch a seven year itch and
>What is the fine print on the warranty?     Prorated?

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