Sanyo 167/180's with OB MX [RE-wrenches]

Doug Pratt dmpratt at
Thu May 27 17:36:35 PDT 2004


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Hi David. Outback says any open circuit voltage under 140 is okay. But
it gets mighty cold up in your neck of the woods, which makes open
circuit voltage creep up. The usual figure I've seen is about
0.45V/degree C. Let's see... 77F = 25C, the standard. -20F = -29C, a 54C
difference x 0.45v = 24 more open circuit volts, or, you got a problem!
Either of those Sanyo panels will drive your open circuit voltage into
uncharted territory on a clear cold February morning. Unless Bob at
Outback (the MX60 guru) tells you different, I wouldn't do it. (I might
try it myself on my own gear, but not for a paying customer.)

Doug Pratt 

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Has Anybody experienced any problems using two Sanyo 167's (129.8 VOC) ,
two 180's (132.8 VOC) with the Out Back MX controller?

I am designing a system looking to use large modules. Have previously
utilized Shell and BP (single crystal), having difficulty getting them


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