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You mentioned that you have set the sell voltage to 52 Volts. Why is the
sell voltage even being used if this is a net metered system? Normally we
just set the float voltage to 53.6 V (depending on the battery) since this
is temperature compensated. The sell voltage is not temperature compensated.
Although it may be an okay voltage to keep the battery at year-round,
regardless of how well controlled the battery temperature is, it should be
temperature compensated in my view.

You mention that the you think the conversion efficiency is too high. What
are you expecting? I would say that it could be low. Typical nighttime
losses should be .5 to .8 kWh since the unit draws about 50 Watts all night.
Does the MX60 measure power output or power input?


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Todd, The readings were dawn to dusk, and this inverter eats about 1kw of
grid power overnight.

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